Saturday, April 2, 2011

dear saturday-morning community class,

I have a sinking suspicion that none of you will ever read this, but I am writing it anyway.  I have heard other yoga teachers say that the boundaries should be drawn so as to prevent an attachment between teacher and students.  That the students should come because they are committed to their practice, not because they want to see you, the teacher.  And, likewise, that the teacher maintains a certain distance from his or her students to maintain objectivity and clarity. The truth is, I am completely attached to you; I wait all week to see you again and to share in this community that we are creating together.  Your commitment to coming each and every week inspires me to show up for my own practice; your willingness to try new things with no pretense or ego inspires me to be humble and courageous.  Your voices make the songs sweeter.  And I appreciate your support, whether conscious or not, of this very simple vision that I have dedicated myself to.  The idea that this beautiful practice should not be confined to studios and to communities who have the resources for such things.  This practice is not a luxury, it cannot be owned, and it should not serve as one more thing that causes stratification.  It should be available in all communities, to all people who have the desire to learn.  It has the power to heal and transform and rebuild those things that have been torn down or worn away.  It inspires hope and peace and possibility.  I look at you, different people from different places, each with your own story to tell, who come to together to share in this practice and I think, "what else could bring us together in this way?"  Yoga has saved me more times than I can count, and now I am once more indebted to it because it brought me to you.


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