Sunday, March 13, 2011

a penny for your thoughts...

My blog, that has been standing empty for weeks, finally has words!  I am thrilled about the idea of writing, connecting with you, whoever you are, and sharing this glorious journey with you.  I am struck by the beauty of simple things.  I stand completely in awe of this life.  I am committed to fully living every single second.  I am seduced by:
  • the way the sunlight dances on the creek
  • old barns
  • clothes lines and the smell of fresh laundry
  • the woods...everything about the woods
  • the velvety nose of a horse
  • creaky floors
  • the smell of wood
  • front porches
  • poetry and prose
  • the sticky hands of children
  • Golden Retrievers
  • berries
  • sunrises
What takes your breath away?!

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